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Fall Is Always In Season! Thanks To Levitate Candles

Fall Is Always In Season! Thanks To Levitate Candles

The crisp morning air, rusted leaves, and a desire for hot chocolate in our pajamas are all here! Fall has finally  arrived in all its glory and our very own candlemakers couldn’t be happier. Levitate Candles brings you a range of fall-inspired scented candles for sale — available now online to everyone across the nation — so your home smells nice and cozy all year round. Take a look at a few of our signature fall-themed products and learn more about your favorite online!
Image of an amber candle

A Wonderful Combination Of Amber, Pear & Cedar

Levitate’s Amber Candle is a sheer joy to the senses! With a mix of pear, violet bloom, rose, red cedar, and honey amber, this scented candle for sale is bound to make your home or office space more sophisticated and cozy. Light up this beautifully warm candle, make yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy a good book or movie — trust us, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Image of milk and honey candle

Milk & Honey—Yes, Please!

Speaking of fall, our Milk & Honey Candle is perfect for date nights with your significant other. With top notes of romantic freesia, honey nectar, and warm almond middle, you can have your very own romantic getaway without ever leaving home! This scented candle for sale from our Levitate Candles collection comes in a glass jar with an engraved gold lid, making it the perfect décor addition. Enjoy the small Tahitian vanilla now!

Image of bourbon vanilla candle

Bourbon Vanilla—Fall Has Never Been This Sweet!

Levitate Candles’ Bourbon Vanilla selection is a nostalgic scent of fragrant nectarine, warm almonds, smoky bourbon, amber, exotic sandalwood, and vanilla. The mix of citrusy, smoky, and warm notes with timeless vanilla makes this candle perfect for self-care and pamper nights at home. Enjoy the gorgeous, pristine glass jar container and engraved lid for 40 hours of burn time!

Image of a Teak & Tabac Candle

Fall All-Year-Round With Teak & Tabac Candle 

If you can’t get enough of fall, no matter the time of year, get our Teak & Tabac Candle; this scented candle for sale smells of spicy nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and tobacco leaf to have a hint of fall the entire year. The blue glass jar is nothing short of royal with a rose-gold lid, making for a nice décor piece in your lounge or vanity.

Shop Fall-Inspired Scents With Levitate Candles

With Levitate Candles, you can have fall’s essence all year round. Our scented candles for sale are available in a variety of seasonal scents to add a hint of warmth to any home, bathroom, or office space!

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