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Take Care Of Yourself All Year Long With Levitate’s Exclusive Collections

Take Care Of Yourself All Year Long With Levitate’s Exclusive Collections

At Levitate Candles, we create astonishing fragrances designed to intrigue. We hope that our designer candles uplift your day and provide a restful experience. We make candles for every occasion and season. We also design exclusive collections to transport your mind and soul into a state of peace. Here is how many of our candles are designed. If you would like to view our collections, visit our website today.

Unique Collections

Sometimes we become inspired by what we’ve found. This inspiration leads to collections, curated by us to bring a new feeling to your home that you’ve never experienced. Right now, we have three new collections: Everyday Essentials, Metallic Mirror, and Modern Wellness. Each one of these designer candles aims to elevate your home and bring a new sense of being to your life! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

dark lighting candles

Fashion In Fragrance

When we first started out, we noticed that there was nothing out there that combined exotic fragrances with beautiful home decor. After traveling the world to find the fragrances we needed for our candles, we designed them to accent your home. We guarantee you will love the way our candles smell, but you will love how they look even more.

seasonal fragrances

Seasonal Fragrances

Whether it’s fall, summer, spring, or winter, we’ve got a fragrance to brighten your home. From rose petals, to bourbon, to incense, we have something to match the season. If you’re looking for a warmer scent to keep you cozy in the winter, our bourbon vanilla scent is for you. Want to keep it fresh in the summer? Eucalyptus and mint will keep your home smelling serene. No matter what you’re looking for, we can provide you with a fashionable fragrance for your space

.musky woodsy candles

Candles For Every Occasion

Our candles are organized by material. If you love woody scents, we’ve got them. Looking for something a little more citrusy? We’ve got those too. If you’re hosting a dinner party and looking for something a little more complex, teakwood amber should have you covered. We have designed our candles to accompany any occasion or desire. You can find whatever you’re looking for on our website. 

If you’re looking to improve your home, you need candles that look good and smell even better. Our luxury candles are sure to impress. View our collections today!