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Upgrade Your Living Room with a Beautifully Crafted Levitate Candle

Upgrade Your Living Room with a Beautifully Crafted Levitate Candle

When it comes to your home, you want it to feel like a home. Candles, especially luxury candles, are one of the best ways to give your home that cozy and welcoming feel. Not only will these candle additions invite guests in, but will also make your home feel like your own, specifically in your living room. Learn more about some of our favorite places to add Levitate candles and order yours today!

An image of a candle by Levitate on display.

Coffee Table Decor

A coffee table is an essential part of almost all living rooms. Whether you use it for functionality or for decor, placing a candle on it can help make a statement and make your home smell amazing! You can easily place a candle in the center or in the corner, depending on what other types of decor you’re using and if you want it to be the main focal point!

An image of a Levitate candle on a side table.

Side Table Decor

Similar to a coffee table, side tables are another necessary addition to your home. Whether you have one, two, or however many tables, we recommend you place a candle on it. You may even have double tiered tables so there's even more room to decorate! Placing one candle as a centerpiece or adding it along with other decor pieces is a simple yet effective way to decorate.

An image of Levitate candles.

Accents on Shelves

Floating shelves are becoming more and more popular to place in living rooms. Not only are they a beautiful and minimalist way to decorate, but they can also be extremely functional by giving your space more storage without taking up wall space. Placing a candle on it can give it an extra boost and also incorporate a gorgeous scent into the room.

An image of favorite Levitate candles.

Window Sill Decor

Window sills, depending on where you live, can give space for your decorations. Depending on how deep the window sill is, you may be able to fit a candle on it! Placing a candle on one of your direct sources of light can give it an extra flare and create a certain ambiance to it!

You can easily upgrade your home by incorporating Levitate candles into your living room. No matter if you’re in a home or apartment, Levitate will make your home smell and look beautiful. Find your favorite scent and order it online today!

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