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What Are The 'Rejuvenating' Health Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles?

What Are The 'Rejuvenating' Health Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles?

What Are The 'Rejuvenating' Health Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles

Health Benefits of Candles - Creates Ambiance

Creates Ambiance

Candles can easily transform a space through not only scent but also light. Whether you wish to light a candle for a relaxing bath, a romantic date, meditation, or while you’re cleaning your home, you can easily create a mood just by lighting a candle. Feel your entire space change just by lighting a candle.

Calms the Mind & Improves the Mood

Many floral and herbal scents can help to calm the mind and eliminate feelings of stress. Aromas like geranium, lavender, and peppermint can help with various psychological and physiological disorders, and even lower cortisol levels; they may even help to activate serotonin and dopamine. Whether you are having a rough day or you would like to alleviate feelings of depression or anxiety, lighting a candle may help.

Stimulates Memory

Candles can help to stimulate memory as the limbic system of our brains is tied to our memory and emotions. Like how the smell of a particular food can remind us of a childhood memory, candles can also remind us of times past. Enjoy a trip down memory lane or create a memory that you and your loved ones or friends will remember by burning a candle.

Helps to Create Healthy Habits

Because burning a candle is often part of healthy rituals, candles can help to create consistency in our healthy habits — specifically those that are tied to reflection and relaxation. Candles are easily paired with wellness activities such as journaling, yoga, meditation, and reading. To create a habit that you will love to stick with, light one of your favorite candles.

Candles can be powerful tools for increasing our quality of life by decreasing our stress, enhancing our time spent creating a healthy habit, and stimulating our minds. Shop Levitate’s luxury candles online for high-quality candles that are hand-poured and crafted with intention. Shop our designer candles online today!

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