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What Makes Levitate Candles Luxurious?

What Makes Levitate Candles Luxurious?

What Makes Levitate Candles Luxurious?

Elevate Your Experience


Levitate Candles Complex Scents

Complex Scents

Levitate offers a variety of scents to choose from. Whether you love herbal scents of lavender and chamomile or you prefer citrus-based scents like lemon verbena, we have scents for every taste. We understand that the way most people buy candles is often based on the season or the atmosphere of the location where the candle will be burned. We provide a wide variety of scents so you always can enjoy something new.




Levitate Candles Beautiful Packaging

Beautiful Packaging

When you buy a candle, you aren’t just buying it for how it smells — you are also buying it for how it looks, as it becomes a piece of your decor. Our candles are thoughtfully designed with high-quality glass, materials, and artwork. With this in mind, you can enjoy high-quality scents with a sophisticated look that will only add to the experience of burning your Levitate candle.

Levitate Candles Made With Essential Oils

Made With Essential Oils

Each of our candles are created with essential oils for a completely natural uplifting experience.. Essential oil based candles burn slower than other types of candles and can provide you more benefit in less time. Burn Levitate candles with ease knowing that you are getting the most out of your non-toxic candle that is delightful to the senses.


Hand Poured Candles Levitate

Hand-Poured Candles

Our candles aren’t just luxurious for how they smell or look, but also for the care that we put into the creation of each candle. Every candle is hand-poured to ensure its quality. We at Levitate take great care in each candle we design to make sure that you are getting the best candle that lives up to the Levitate reputation.


If you are looking for a candle that is beautiful, luxurious, and will elevate your experience, shop Levitate’s collection of thoughtfully designed luxury candles. We offer seasonal collections as well as candles that you will love to burn all year round. Shop Levitate candles online and have luxury delivered right to your door.

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