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Berry Mimosa Candle

  • $36.00

Scent Notes: Harmonies of Black Currant Leaves & Ruby Pomegranate Nectar, a Vibrant Heart of Lively Rhubarb, Grounded in the Earthy Whispers of Sandalwood

Our Berry Mimosa Effused Luxury Aromatic Candle is a meticulously crafted sensory treasure, inviting you on a charming journey of rejuvenation and refinement..

Ignite this aromatic masterpiece and delve into the intricate fusion of Black Currant Leaves & Ruby Pomegranate Nectar, punctuated by a heart of Lively Rhubarb and grounded by the Earthy Whispers of Sandalwood. Each candle, meticulously hand-poured with premium quality plant-based wax, fills your surroundings with a sophisticated blend – a sensory symphony that is as refreshing as it is entrancing.

This enthralling fragrance paints an ambiance of luxury and vitality, awakening, rejuvenating, and charming your senses, instantly transforming your space into an oasis of refinement.

Endowed with a durable wick, our Black Currant & Pomegranate Candle promises a steady, flawless burn, casting a luminous glow that immerses your room in its intricate scent for hours on end. Encased in a classic, timeless jar, this candle stands as an epitome of sensory opulence and a distinguished statement for your decor.

The Levitate Black Currant & Pomegranate Candle from our TIMELESS Collection is not merely a candle – it's an embodiment of luxury and ageless grace, curated to metamorphose your everyday moments into enchanting sensory sojourns. Whether as a treat for oneself or a cherished gift, it is an exquisite touch to any setting.

  • Burn Time: 40 hours
  • Volume: 10 ounces
  • Fragrance: Essential Oils
  • Wax: Plant Wax Blend
  • Wick Type: 100% Cotton
  • Fill: Hand Poured
  • Height: 4 in. / 101.6 mm
  • Diameter: 3.5 in / 88.9 mm
  • Jar: Signature Glass
  • Lid: Gold Embossed
  • Collection: Timeless
  • Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates
A Safe and Serene Burn
  • Perfect Placement: Start by setting your candle on a heat-resistant surface, clear of any combustible objects.
  • Wick Wisdom: Before lighting, trim the wick to a neat 1/4 inch, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient burn.
  • Calm Surroundings: Position your candle away from drafts or vents. This allows for an even burn and longer candle life.
  • Smooth Finish: When you're ready to conclude, use a snuffer or gently dip the wick into the wax. This ensures a smokeless finish, prepping your candle for its next performance.
  • For additional instructions, please visit: Candle Care & Safety Page


Bask in the Bubbly Brilliance of Berry Mimosa

Experience the blissful bouquet of Berry Mimosa, a scent that narrates a story as effervescent and bright as a sparkling wine toast. Its aroma, a sparkling symphony of ripe berries and tangy citrus, frolics