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Lavender & Chamomile Candle


Lavender & Chamomile Candle

  • $28.00
Lavender & Chamomile: Top notes of ruby currant & French lavender, a Moroccan chamomile heart and a base note of exotic Ylang Ylang.

Fields of French lavender and Moroccan chamomile will whisk you to paradise.

Burn time is approximately 40 hours.

Candle volume: 10 ounces
Height: 4 in. / 101.6 mm, Diameter: 3.5 in / 88.9 mm
— Signature glass container with engraved polished gold lid
— Hand poured wax
— Designed in the United States
— 100% cotton wick
— Made with essential oils

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For more than 10 years, Levitate Candles has sought to bring together exotic scents and beautifully crafted home decor. We believe that there is no reason that a luxury candle can’t be affordable too! Our commitment to this cause has taken us across the world in search of unique fragrances.

Levitate Candles uses a blend of essential oils infused into a vegetable blended wax to create all of our luxury candles. When you burn our hand-poured candles. Our luxury candles will transport your mind, body, and soul to a happy and peaceful place. Levitate isn’t just a candle it is a luxurious experience. Spoil yourself.

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