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Lemon Verbena Candle

  • $36.00

Scent Notes: Harmonies of Zesty Amalfi Lemon & Verdant Verbena, an Invigorating Heart of Fresh Peppermint, Grounded in the Earthy Undertones of Wild Patchouli.

Our Lemon Verbena Effused Luxury Aromatic Candle is a handcrafted sensory masterpiece, inviting you on a captivating journey of tranquility and elegance.

Ignite this aromatic gem and immerse yourself in the lively and invigorating blend of Amalfi lemon and lush verbena. Each candle, painstakingly hand-poured with premium quality plant-based wax, floods your surroundings with a vivacious amalgamation of zesty Amalfi lemon and fragrant verbena – a sensory carnival that is as electrifying as it is captivating.

Indulge in the spirited citrus notes of Amalfi lemon, harmoniously married with the verdant tones of verbena. This reviving fragrance is invigorated further by a heart of refreshing peppermint, weaving an uplifting ambiance that stimulates, rejuvenates, and enchants your senses. Grounded by the earthy allure of wild patchouli, the scent profile of this candle unfolds as an immersive sensory narrative.

With its durable wick, our Amalfi Lemon & Verbena Candle ensures a steady, flawless burn, bathing your space in a radiant, luminous glow while permeating it with its stimulating scent for hours on end. Housed in an elegant, timeless jar, this candle stands as a statement of sensory opulence and a tasteful accent to your decor.

The Levitate Amalfi Lemon & Verbena Candle from our TIMELESS Collection is more than a candle – it's a rendezvous with luxury and timeless sophistication, carefully curated to transform your everyday moments into extraordinary sensory celebrations. Whether for self-indulgence or as a thoughtful offering, it's a charming addition to any home.

  • Burn Time: 40 hours
  • Volume: 10 ounces
  • Fragrance: Essential Oils
  • Wax: Plant Wax Blend
  • Wick Type: 100% Cotton
  • Fill: Hand Poured
  • Height: 4 in. / 101.6 mm
  • Diameter: 3.5 in / 88.9 mm
  • Jar: Signature Glass
  • Lid: Silver Embossed
  • Collection: Timeless
  • Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates
A Safe and Serene Burn
  • Perfect Placement: Start by setting your candle on a heat-resistant surface, clear of any combustible objects.
  • Wick Wisdom: Before lighting, trim the wick to a neat 1/4 inch, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient burn.
  • Calm Surroundings: Position your candle away from drafts or vents. This allows for an even burn and longer candle life.
  • Smooth Finish: When you're ready to conclude, use a snuffer or gently dip the wick into the wax. This ensures a smokeless finish, prepping your candle for its next performance.
  • For additional instructions, please visit: Candle Care & Safety Page


Embrace the Zesty Zeal of Lemon Verbena

Surrender to the vibrance of lemon verbena, a scent that tells a tale as fresh and invigorating as a breezy seaside morning. This aroma dances across your senses, filling the air with a lively ballet of citrus and green notes that mirror the revitalizing energy of a bright new day.