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Teakwood Amber Candle

  • $36.00

Scent Notes: Harmonies of White Freesia Bouquet & Spicy Ginger, Harmonizing with a Heart of Vanilla Bean, Warming Cinnamon and Honey, All Elegantly Grounded in the Comforting Embrace of Amber and Earthy Teakwood.

Our Teakwood & Amber Effused Luxury Aromatic Candle is an expertly crafted sensory delight, inviting you on a mesmerizing voyage of tranquility and sophistication.

Ignite this aromatic masterpiece and surround yourself in the opulent blend of earthy teakwood and warm amber. Each candle, meticulously hand-poured with superior quality plant-based wax, fills your surroundings with a rich blend of teakwood and amber – a sensory encounter that is as soothing as it is captivating.

Savor the robust allure of teakwood, artfully intertwined with the exotic infusion of white freesia bouquet and spicy ginger. This layered fragrance unfurls with a heart of vanilla bean, warming cinnamon, and honey, grounding in the comforting embrace of amber. Its lavish narrative creates an ambiance of serenity and warmth that soothes, invigorates, and captivates your senses, instantly transforming your space into a bespoke retreat of sophisticated comfort.

Featuring a durable wick, our Teakwood & Amber Candle ensures a steady, flawless burn, bathing your space in a warm, inviting glow while suffusing it with its enticing scent for hours on end. Nestled in an elegant, timeless jar, this candle is a testament to sensory luxury and a tasteful accent for your decor.

The Levitate Teakwood & Amber Candle from our TIMELESS Collection is more than a candle – it's a fusion of luxury and timeless elegance, designed to turn your everyday moments into an extraordinary sensory journey. Perfect for a cozy evening in or as a thoughtful gift, it's a charming addition to any home.

  • Burn Time: 40 hours
  • Volume: 10 ounces
  • Fragrance: Essential Oils
  • Wax: Plant Wax Blend
  • Wick Type: 100% Cotton
  • Fill: Hand Poured
  • Height: 4 in. / 101.6 mm
  • Diameter: 3.5 in / 88.9 mm
  • Jar: Signature Glass
  • Lid: Rose Gold Embossed
  • Collection: Timeless
  • Free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates
A Safe and Serene Burn
  • Perfect Placement: Start by setting your candle on a heat-resistant surface, clear of any combustible objects.
  • Wick Wisdom: Before lighting, trim the wick to a neat 1/4 inch, ensuring a cleaner, more efficient burn.
  • Calm Surroundings: Position your candle away from drafts or vents. This allows for an even burn and longer candle life.
  • Smooth Finish: When you're ready to conclude, use a snuffer or gently dip the wick into the wax. This ensures a smokeless finish, prepping your candle for its next performance.
  • For additional instructions, please visit: Candle Care & Safety Page


Indulge in the Timeless Tapestry of Teakwood & Amber

Immerse yourself in the rich resonance of Teakwood & Amber, a scent that tells a story as robust and intriguing as an ancient forest bathed in golden sunlight. This aroma, a balanced duet of hearty teakwood and warm, resinous amber, permeates your senses, painting the air with a captivating canvas that echoes the enduring allure of these natural wonders.